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Candida antibodies
This test measures antibodies (IgG, IgA and IgM) to the yeast Candida Albicans in the blood. Some information about the location and development are obtained. (High) IgA antibody titers are indicative of mucosal or vaginal infection, IgG of past or ongoing infection and IgM of current infection. As antibodies to Candida are found in 20-30% of the normal population, clinical correlation must exist for the test to be useful. For a good picture of the infection, the test needs to be repeated after 3-4 months

Test indications:
- Allergy and Intolerancies
- Chronic Fatigue
- Gastro-intestinal complaints
- Hypoglycemia
- Irritable bowel syndrome
- Disturbed Immunity
- Recurrent Infections
- Mental symptoms, like Anxiety, Hyperac-tivity, Depression, Irritability
- Migraine
- Premenstrual syndrome
- Skin problems
- Recurrent Urogenital complaints
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