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Biogene amines (neurotransmitters) in blood platelets
Neurotransmitters are the classic neuro-messengers that are released rapidly by the presynaptic neuron, diffuse across the synaptic cleft, and have either an excitatory or an inhibitory effect on a postsynaptic neuron. There are three classes of neurotransmitters: biogenic amines, amino acids and peptides. The biogenic amines (monoamine) consist of three catecholamines (norepinephrine, epinephrine, dopamine), an indoleamine (serotonin), an ethylamine (histamine) and a quaternary amine (acetylcholine).

Biogene amines influence virtually all tissues and many functions. In most instances, however, biogene amines are not the sole or exclusive regulators; they participate with other hormonal and neuronal systems in regulation of a multitude of diverse physiological processes, thus contributing to a redundancy that ensures both a great physiological reserve and the possibility of very fine or discriminating control.

Platelets take up dopamine, epinephrine and nor-epinephrine against a concentration gradient into the 5-HT storage organelles; and serotonin is present in highest concentration in the blood platelets. Platelet catecholamine levels provide a stable index of circulating plasma catecholamine concentration and these are unaffected by acute elevations of plasma levels with physical and psychological stress.

Test indications:
Cardiovascular Diseases
High/ low Blood Pressure
Visceral Disorders
Mental Illness
Metabolic Disorders
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