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Histamine in whole blood
Histamine is a chemical messenger that mediates a wide range of cellular responses, including allergic an inflammatory reactions, gastric acid secretion and possibly neurotransmission in parts of the brain. Histamine is a poweful vasodilator. It is formed of histidine and secreted by mast cells as a result of allergic reactions or trauma.

Pfeiffer has identified three main biotypes among schizophrenic patients around the histamine axis with biochemical abnormalities which are also seen among the population at large:
- Patients with low blood histamin
- The high histamine group
- The persons with pyroluria (30-40%) (normal in histamine)

Low histamine and high histamine are not necessarily pathological conditions but help define the three main biotypes outlined above, which may be associated with conditions amenable to dietary or other treatment.

Test indications:
- Allergy
- Paranoia and hallucination
- Suicidal depression
- Schizophrenia
- Stress
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