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Organic acids in urine
In this test, abnormalities in metabolism of organic acids are measured. The test provides information about metabolites of neurotransmitters, amino acids, fatty acids, energy production (citric acid cycle) and the functioning of certain vitamins and minerals. Besides metabolites of human origin, also certain toxic metabolites of pathogenic micro-organismss that live in the human gut are measured (e.g., candida and clostridia).

Test Indications:
- Unexplained severe, unusual or recurrent clinical symptoms
- Unexplained Birth Defects and SIDS (sudden infants death syndrome)
- Physical and/or Developmental Retardation
- Frequent Infections
- Immunodeficiency
- Alopecia and/or severe Dermatitis
- Neurological symptoms
- Unexplained periods of Nausea and Vomiting
- Peculiar body odor or urine odor or abnormally colored urine
- Psychosis, Autism and other severely abnormal Behavior
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