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Essential fatty acids (incl. trans fatty acids) in blood
Essential fatty acids belong to the category of essential nutrients, substances in food which are absolutely necessary for good health and which humans canít synthetise from food.

Fatty acids serve as source of energy, they are important components of cell membranes and they are precursors to a special class of hormones, the eicosanoids. The eicosanoids are a complex system of control molecules. Often various eicosanoids have opposing actions. For instance, prostaglandin E-1 (derived from gammalinolenic/linoleic acid) is anti-inflammatory and prostaglandin E-2 (derived from arachidonic acid) promotes inflammation. Because fatty acids function relative to each other, a balanced intake is crucial for good health. It can be seen that by modulating dietary precursors of the prostaglandins, inflammation may be reduced.

The essential fatty acids are determined in the membranes of red bloodcells, which gives a good indication of the essential fatty acid status over a long period. (Plasma values give information about the status at the time of sample collection).

Test indications:
- Allergy
- Arthritis
- Attention deficit
- Autoimmuun disorders
- Bronchial asthma
- Cancer
- Eczema
- Heart disease
- Hypertension
- Premenstrual syndrome
- Psoriaisis
- Skin disorders
- Ulcerative colitis/ulcers (duodenal / gastric)
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