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Amino acids analysis in urine
Amino acids make up proteins found in every tissue of the body and play a major role in many chemical processes that affects physical and mental functions. They contribute to the formation of proteins, neurotransmitters, enzymes and antibodies. Imbalances can manifest themselves as a variety of metabolic disorders and clinical symptoms.

Under the influence of heritary and other factors the optimal amount of each amino acids differs for each person and may change during life. Some important influences are: other nutrients, flora of the gut, pharmaceuticals, stress, disease, growth, pregnancy and environmental substances. Although (essential) amino acids play a crucial role in human life, they can be toxic when present in high amounts.

Amino acid analysis provides information directly related to amino acids, but informs also about the functional activity of certain minerals and vitamins, food degradation, foreign flora in the intestinal tract, detoxification, free radical pathology and methylation.

24-hour urine gives the most valuable information. It gives a picture over a 24-hour period. Futher-more many amino acids occur in detectable amounts only in urine. (Blood plasma gives only a picture of the moment and the total of amino acids to be analysed is less.)

Test indications:
- Assessment of nutritional status (amino acid, minerals, vitamins)
- Food degradation, absorption and excretion dysfunctions.
- Free radical pathology
- Cardiovascular Diseases
- Disturbances in Immune Function
- Carcinoma
- Allergy/Hypersensitivity
- Rheumatism
- Toxity/Detoxification problems
- Psychological/Behavior Disorders
- Multiple (vague) Complaints/small symptoms /Fatigue
- Prevention of diseases/Reach more optimal health status/athletic- performance
- Control of dietary changes/Supplementation
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