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Optimal Health Programs/ check up
Health is mostly as it comes. Even if you feel healthy almost everybody has a few minor symptomes /disconforts, which do not fit optimal health and no or only a few indicators of future risks are known.

Nutrition and essential nutrients are the most important and influence conditions that can determine human health. Under the level of the so-called RDA clear symptoms of deficiency may be developed. Close to the range of optimal health there is the area without complaints but with a higher risk to develop a (chronic) disease in the future. Then there is the range of optimal health Ė the ideal zone. Above this level most nutrients will become toxic finally, first through increased risks and than with vague complaints as fatigue. With other words optimal health is as the equilibrium on a tightrope with on the one side risks, small vague complaints and in the end (eventually) a specific deficiency and at the other side risks and vague complaints as well but toxicity in the end.

The optimal values are not the same for everyone. The most important cause of this difference is the biochemical individuality, which means that the individual need of each nutrient in healthy people already differs up to 10 times. Just as there is a most personal visible appearance (on the outside) there is the not visible variety of the biochemical individuality of people. The only way to get good knowledge is by measurement and testing. Essential nutrients can affect (act upon) each other in positive as in negative sense. Stress,tension, surgery and exposure to toxic substances enhance often the need for essential nutrients. However non-essential nutrients with an important biological/physiological function in the body such as Glutathion can, at some individuals, become an essential nutrient as result of the biochemical individuality, because the body does not make enough. So here is the phrase: testing is knowing?? Valid.

From the examination report: The testing follows the weak spots that apply (are relevant to) the specific situation of the examinee. On the basis of these data the situation can be improved by dietary adjustment and possible suppletion.

For whom is such testing-program meaningful:
∑ People that want to stay healthy.
∑ People that want to improve their health.
∑ People that want to give there children or future children the best.
∑ People with stressful, busy and responsible work/activity.
∑ (Top) sportsman/woman.
∑ People with vague complaints, failing energy, certain diseases

Because there are more than 40 essential nutrients and because of the risk-aspects, which are considered too, the testing-programs are extensive.
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