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The European Laboratory of Nutrients (ELN) is an advanced laboratory for testing the nutrient status of particularly humans. The laboratory provides a worldwide service to MDís, hospitals and institutions with interest in nutritional medicine. In 1995 Vitamin Diagnostics joined our organization to provide better service both in U.S. and Europe.
Why measure nutrients ?
Nutrients are essential for good health. They are crucial parts of many kinds of biochemical conversions in the body, such as enzyme reactions. Deficiency or excess of nutrients can lead to a decreased function of several (organ)systems and the human body as a whole.
Before complaints and diseases become manifest, disturbances in the nutrient balance can already be detected. Measuring the nutrient status has therefore an important preventive and diagnostic role. Based on nutrient analysis a dietary or nutritional supplement therapy can be applied, specified to the individual situation.
Nutrient measurements also contribute to the follow-up of a patient and can be used to check the effects of a therapy.
The use of laboratory testing
With help of laboratory tests, deficiencies and disturbances can already be detected in an early stage. The tests can be meaningfull for:
*Optimizing health
*Optimizing the diagnosis
The tests
The ELN offers a whole range of tests. All our lab tests are located on our order form, which can be downloaded from our website.

Under the menu lab tests , our most requested tests are specified.
Under the menu information, a few examples of diseases and the recommended labtests are described.
Requesting tests
The ELN only accepts tests requested by a physician or other medical/nutritional professional, using our order form. Test kits and testmaterial will be send on request. Testresults are send to the physician/professional
New address and name for Vitamin Diagnostic
Vitamin Diagnostics has been renamed to Health Diagnostics and Reseach Institute (H.D.R.I) The institute has moved to the following address! 540 Bordentown Avenue, Suite 2300 South Amboy, NJ 08879, Tel: +1 732-721-1234; Fax: +1 732-525-3288
Annually the European Laboratory of Nutrients (ELN) organizes an international symposium titled 'Advanced Clinical Nutrition - Nutrients for Prevention and Cure of Disease'. ' Under the header 'news' you find more information about our symposia and the registration form.

Europees Laboratorium voor NutriŽnten Health Diagnostics and Research Institute